Project Pat Helps Duke Deuce Flip His Own Song On “Crunk Ain’t Dead (Remix)”

Quality Control Music

Quality Control Music

Crunk Ain’t Dead (Remix) It’s official. Crunk is back.

A few days ago, Duke Deuce wrote on Instagram: “I made it cool to do technical dances again. I made it cool to dance in unison. And I brought Crunk back the right way.” It’s hard to dispute any of these claims. If you want proof that he brought back doing technical dances in unison, check out the music video for his breakout hit, “Yeh”. The Quality Control signee provided an equally-lively visual for his track off the label’s latest compilation project, “Grab A…” If you want proof that Duke Deuce is bringing back Crunk the right way, look no further that his new smash, “Crunk Ain’t Dead”.
If you were to wonder which group would need to be assembled to revive Crunk, it should look exactly like the lineup on the remix of “Crunk Ain’t Dead.” Juicy J and Lil Jon brought explosive energy to the original and the missing piece, Project Pat, has just been added in to the equation. Getting the artist of the song you sampled to hop on your rendition of it is a huge flex and Duke Deuce just pulled it off. “Crunk Ain’t Dead” flips Project Pat’s “If You Ain’t From My Hood”. The ferocious and playful verse he just tagged on to the end of it has brought the anthem to the next level.

Quotable Lyrics

Jewelry, jewelry, now you ain’t cool with me
You n****s snitches, the rest you ain’t fooling me
I’m on the mulery, fuck all the foolery
Having these bands and these bitches ain’t new to me

– Project Pat